That Giggle

It was a long day but a smile touched her lips as she entered her room. He was incorrigible but maybe that was what she liked about him. She slid out of her clothes, hands skimming down her body. The soft moan that filled the silence of the room almost surprised her.

Her fingers brushed against her nipple. Pierced and already hard; so sensitive that just the fleeting touch of her fingertips caused her to bite on her full bottom lip. Her hand left her body and slid under the cool sheets. Her body relaxed and she brought his face to her mind’s eye. She could hear his whispered words replaying in her mind as her hands began to roam again. This time not just a brief touch but a lingering caress that had her breath catching and her body beginning to ache. What would it feel like if it were his hands on her body? If it were his hands causing the pleasure/pain as her fingers pinched her nipples?

Her breathing came in short burst as her hand reached into the drawer in the bedside table. Her favorite toy. With a flick of the switch, a humming filled the air. Sliding the bullet over her body. Pausing at each nipple. the ting of the toy tapping against his teasing taunt. Things low in her body clenched as she remembered his whispered words. The clink of a nipple ring against teeth.

Her breathing became erratic sliding the toy down her body to her clit. Her leg opened and her free hand crushed the sheet beneath her. Leg fell open as she pressed gently harder, riding that pleasure pain high. A light sheen of sweat glistened across her body as she got closer to that ultimate goal. Her fingers unclenched from the sheet and ran over her nipples again. A tug a pinch. One nipple and then the other.

Oh god she thinks or had she spoken aloud? She honestly doesn’t know but at the moment does not care. So close and she remembers the sound of her name on his lips. Her hips arch off the bed as the orgasm crashes through her body. A soft scream as the pleasure shakes her body and the toy falls from the sensitive nub. Stretched taut for a moment in time and then every muscle in her body became liquid. She didn’t move for a few moments and then that giggle. The one that he says will get her fucked filled the silence of the room.



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