Hello Darlin

“Open the door.”

Despite wanting to be annoyed at his high handedness, it just made her toes curl. She opened the door and gave him a slightly bored look as she closed the phone. There was a pause. Would his voice be the same. That same tenor she had spent hours upon hours on the phone with.

He didn’t wait. There were no niceties. One moment he was outside the door the next he was inside his arms wrapped around her waist and his lips on hers. This was no getting to know you kiss. His lips were firm and demanding. He dominated and took,and she willingly submitted.

His hands traveled up her body. One hand cupping her cheek, his thumb idly, almost lazily running down her throat. The other tangled in her hair. Hair that she had spent twenty minutes effecting a casual, non worked look. He took his lips from hers long enough for her to open her lips, prepared to berate him about ruining her hair. All that came however, was a gasp.

The hand in her hair tightened almost to the point of pain. He tugged her head back, exposing that neck that his thumb had primed. His lips followed the path. Pausing and paying special attention to any spot that made her breath hitch, sucking and biting the spot almost as if he were marking the spot.

His lips returned to her lips. His lips knew her this time. The kiss wasn’t demanding. It wasn’t coaxing. It was sensual. Soft. Knowledgeable. He knew what she liked. How much pressure. When to nibble and when to suck.When he pulled back this time he released her hair and looked deep into dazed brown eyes.

When he spoke it was with that unique accent of his. Three part southern boy and one part Irish hellion.

“Hello Darlin.”


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