She didn’t see the bright full moon, her eyes were closed. She didn’t smell the food left abandoned in the room, he surrounded her with his scent. She didn’t hear the music playing in the background, her heart beat in her ears. She didn’t feel the humid wind swirling around her, his hands were slowly pushing up the hem of her negligee. Her entire focus was on him.

The rail of the balcony cut into her hands as she gripped onto it tighter, her nightie high enough to expose her lower body to the night wind. To him. To anyone  who bothered to look. Excitement and terror swirled within her. His hand trailed up her body, caressing her soft flesh with callused hands. It was easy to forget that she was exposed the more he touched. His hands ran up her body, pausing at her breast to run those roughened  fingertips over sensative nipples. She arched into his hands, silently begging for more. He was more than happy to oblige. His fingers tugged, pinched and rolled the pierced pebble hard nipples until she was gasping his name.

His hands continued their journey up her body until she was completely exposed to him, her only piece of clothing, pooling on her arms and slipping to the ground at their feet.  His hands made the reverse journey as his still clad body stepped closer. Even clothed she could feel the heat coming off of him. But more important than that, she could feel his hardness against her, only the thin material of his pants separating them. 

Would he? Out here on the balcony? Where anyone could see… or hear? His hands reversed their path. Up her arms and over her body. Each caress causing her to shudder beneath his hands. He paid special attention to her beasts again. Teasing them to the point she forgot to muffle her moan. A throaty chuckle escaped his lips as he leaned forward causing her to bend at the waist her head over the balcony. 

One hand stayed on her breast while the other did a slow winding path down her body.  She bit on her bottom lip to keep from screaming as his hand reached the tight curls at the apex of her thighs. And still he teased. Never touching the parts of her that were weeping for his touch. 

A groan escaped her as she thrust her hips back against his. Immediately his hand left her breast and came down with a fast stinging blow to her ass. It was punishment, but felt oh so good. 

After a moment his hand slid down her curls, those workman fingertips running along engorged lips. Her breath caught, as he moved the nimble digits up and down, avoiding touching the magic button. 

She wanted to beg. She wanted to scream. She wanted to demand. When he finally did touch her clit, her knees went weak with pleasure and relief. He held her up his free arm rapping around her waist, pulling her back against his body. Long sure slow strokes that cause stars to burst behind her eyes. Yes… so close. She couldn’t help but move arching her back, her hips thrusting against his again. The smack on the ass wasn’t a surprise. The spike in pleasure ran through her body and her knees weak again. A frustrated scream left her lips. She was so close and he was just teasing, that one finger sliding up and down her bringing her right to the edge but refusing to let her fall over.  

Never had she been so happy to hear the sound of a zipper sliding down in her life.

“Shhh. Someone will hear you.” 





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