The wings of her costume sparkled as she stepped into the ballroom. One night. One masquerade. The one rule; anonymity. Her butterfly mask was firmly in place as she walked around the room. Already the shadowed alcoves echoed with the soft sounds of pleasure. 

With each step around the room her body reacted more and more. She paused listening to one particular couple for a moment. She leaned against the wall closing her eyes and listened to the slap of bodies. The moans of pleasure and the groans of completion. Her hand tightened in her dress. Her breath was already harsh and she hadn’t even been touched. 

When she opened her eyes they were immediately captured by a man across the room. Amber. His eyes were like an amber stone with fire playing in their depths. She was captivated.  It took her another moment to realize he was occupied. The woman he was with had her legs splayed out on the couch. He was knelt between her thighs, one hand on her hip pulling her to him as he thrust into her depths. 

She turned her head, breaking the contact as the blood rushed to her face. That was too intimate but it made her squirm, her body clenching and unclenching hating the emptiness there.

The growl, when it came cut across the music and the sounds of sexual pleasure, and ran along every nerve ending she owned causing her to shiver. She just knew it was him. Her head snapped back and his eyes immediately captured hers again. Under the plain domino mask he gave her a half-smile. He wanted… no he demanded that she watch. She sank back into the shadows sitting on a couch her hand sliding across her body and down between her legs. 

His eyes stayed on her as he opened the blouse of the girl beneath him. The woman  arched into his caress. A moment later she echoed the woman’s moan. She lifted her skirt exposing her body to the caress of his eyes. It was oddly intimate considering he was on the other side of the room making another woman scream.

One finger was joined another as they slid inside her already slicked core. His eyes never left hers as she moved her fingers in the same time of his hips. His hand moved between their bodies, her thumb feathered over her clit.  He squeezed a breast, tugging and pinching the pebble hard nipple. She followed suit. Her hand reaching inside her blouse and tugging on the nipple ring there. Her breath caught as he pumped faster. Her fingers moved in time, she couldn’t help the moan that escaped her. So close. She broke eye contact only once. She clenched her eyes tight and muffled out the scream of her orgasm. 

When she opened her eyes again he was walking away from the well satisfied woman. The woman looked much in the same shape she was. Walking was beyond her she was barely able to slide her skirt down covering herself up. He walked straight to her and kneeled down between her outspread knees. Those amber eyes captured her again as he slid the dress up, caressing the flesh he revealed.

“Now they get to watch you.”


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