The rain started moments before she entered the bar, just enough to make everything a little bit damp. Fuck the rain. Fuck the night. And most especially Fuck him. She shook her hair out and made her way to the bar. She ordered a shot and threw it back just as she ordered another. The other patrons stared. This was not the type of woman they were used to. She was dressed modestly in a knee-length skirt and a top that barely showed a hint of cleavage. It looked like the librarian had stepped into the bar. A librarian on a mission.

She looked around the bar for someone. No one specific but someone to hurt… no fuck him. This was about her feeling better. Her eyes began filtering over the men there. Too old.. Too young.. actually he was ok. She threw back the shot and looked down the bar at the ordinary looking guy at the end of the bar.

The lightning lit up the gloomy club for a moment, catching everyone in various stages of drinking. She could tell that some were there to have a good time, some just to relax, and some trying to escape. She saw a woman leaning over to take a shot at the pool table giving the man she was with a perfect opportunity to look down her top.

The bartender was pouring a drink but her attention was immediately fascinated by the man stepping into the bar. For a moment she saw him. Saw everything about him. Felt his presence from all the way across the room. The next instant thunder shook the small bar and the entire room plunged into darkness.

A woman, probably the one at the pool table, screamed as if she had never been in the dark before. A moment later the emergency lights were on giving the whole building an eerie glow, from the bottles of liquor on the top shelf to the wooden boards beneath her feet.  She looked back down the bar at the man she had set her sights on. He was smiling and nodded. Great. She had his attention. Now what. She had never picked up a man in her life.

“Too tame.” A growled whisper in her ear had her turning around, and there he was. The man from the door. The man whose very presence filled up the room with his being. She opened her full lips to speak but nothing came out.

“You didn’t come here for someone like that. Someone you could pick up a coffee shop. You came for something new. Different. Exciting.” As he spoke he walked around her, never touching her, but she could still feel the heat coming off his body. He smelled like leather and… sin. She never thought that she would be able to put her finger on what sin smelled like, but there it was. There was no other description for it.

Her eyes widened as he leaned forward, his lips against her ear.

“You came here for a reason. I offer myself as tribute.” A soft chuckle tickled her ear and sent a shiver down her spine. He took a step back and held out his hand to her. He nodded his head toward a set of stairs hidden behind the bar… and waited.

White teeth bit down on a full lip and she could have sworn she heard him groan. His hand stayed steady and his eyes, those amber eyes, stayed on hers. Her hand slowly reached out and took his.

His hands were rough,unlike the white-collar men she had always been with all of her life. Men that had never done a day’s worth of hard work in their life. She stumbled a bit as he tugged her forward and to the stairs. She smoothed  out her skirt with her hand, anxious and nervous as they made their way up the stairs.

It was an efficiency apartment from what she could see. It was dark, the room only being lit up by the frequent flash of lightning. She was starting to chicken out when he pulled her toward him gently as to not scare her. She stumbled forward, her hands falling flat against his chest again.

Before she could say anything his lips were on hers. It was a soft kiss, almost as if he were giving her an out. His hands were on her hips holding her easily against him. She could leave at any moment, and the ability to leave is what solidified her resolve. Her hands traveled up his wet chest and wrapped around his neck pressing her body to his.

The growl rumbled in his chest and escaped into her mouth as the kiss changed. It went from soft and gentle to strong and demanding. He slowly walked her backward until she could feel the wall at her back, kissing her deeply with each step and drawing a reaction with each swipe of his tongue. A reaction, a feeling, she was not familiar with.  

Her back to the wall, his weathered fingers began to make short work of her shirt, sliding the damp material off her shoulders and letting it flutter to the floor. His lips ran down her neck pausing at that sensitive spot at the collar-bone before traveling down her chest.

She laced her fingers into his hair leaning back on the wall for support as he sucked on her breast. She was still wearing a bra, which made the sensation oh so unique. This was unfamiliar to her but it was exactly what she needed, something different.. Lightning lit up the sky just in time for her to see him looking up at her, amber eyes intent on the expression of pleasure on her face. They were plunged into darkness again as the little apartment shook under the onslaught of the thunder.

His lips mimicked the treatment to her other breast before finally reaching behind her and unsnapping the bra, tugging it down her arms. When his tongue touched her naked breast, her back arched offering herself up like a pagan sacrifice. He growled against her breast as he laved the nipple with attention. She moaned softly, her head thrashing back and forth as he switched breasts.

His hands moved down her body, sliding her skirt down to the floor as he tortured her breast. A torture that felt better than anything she had ever felt before. He kissed his way back up her body, the evidence of his arousal pressed against her. He slid his hands to her backside and lifted her up, giving her no choice but to wrap her legs around his tight body.

Having been told by all the men in her life that she was too big, she tried to deny him, but he didn’t give her a chance. His lips were against hers as he moved through the darkened room. Her legs gripped tighter around him with each step he took. He kissed her deeper and with more vigor with every squeeze of her thighs on his waist. One moment they were walking and the next he was placing her on the bed. Their lips never left each other and, from the moment he put her down, his hands never stopped roaming her body. Each stroke of his rough, calloused palms building the fire of pleasure higher and higher.

She moved restlessly against him. Trying to touch everywhere at once. Their lips separated just long enough to tug his shirt up over his head and throw it toward the  growing pile of discarded, unwanted clothing. His lips once again finding hers while her hands started stroking his arms and chest slowly. Her hands were shaking with need by time they began to fumble with his belt buckle. He gently placed his hand over hers with just enough pressure to stop her before pushing her hands away and down by her sides.

This time when his lips traveled down her body, he knew the places that caused her to gasp and moan in pleasure. This time when he paused at her collarbone, he bit down, hard enough that it should have been painful. All she felt was a shot of pleasure that went straight to her clit causing a long tortured moan to escape her lips.

He briefly gave a courtesy swipe of her nipples as he traveled further down causing her eyes to open wide. He kissed her gently on her pubic bone, right above her panty line. His hands traveled up her legs, his fingers hooking on the sensible underwear she wore. He pulled them down her legs and she twisted her hands in the sheets as he kissed the junction of her thighs. He was slow and methodical, making sure to caress and tenderly kiss each of  her legs before throwing them over his shoulders, one at a time.   

He leaned forward brushing his lips over hers and reached above her head grabbing a pillow. She frowned at him in confusion trying to wrap her arms around him. She wanted him inside her, and he knew it. He chuckled softly and kissed her stomach as he lifted her hips up to place the pillow beneath her.

From this vantage point she could see down her body to him positioned between her legs. He spread her legs kissing the insides of each thigh with a little more passion and a little bit of a nibble with each kiss . Kissing up one and down the other without touching her where she wanted his lips the most.  She wiggled and groaned in anticipation. He was teasing her. She tried to wiggle away but he  wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her to him. He growled and then he licked but still only to tease her. Her whole body shuddered as he licked her creases and sucked on her dripping wet lips. And yet he still didn’t touch her clit. After a moment she realized he was using her clit as a bullseye. A circular path that had her holding her breath and waiting… anticipating his talented tongue running over it, where she needed him, and being denied. It had her reaching down and grabbing onto his head. She tried to move him where she wanted, he chuckled at her efforts.

“Patience.” He whispered. Patience wasn’t a virtue she possessed, at least not at the moment. She just wanted to cum. She had been on the edge of cumming since the moment he brought her upstairs.

When his tongue finally did touch the place she had been dying for, she clenched her hands in his hair and let out a long soft moan. With each swipe of his tongue he applied a little more pressure. Each swipe a wave of pleasure. Her breathing came in soft gasps. His tongue never left her clit once it got there. He would go from sucking on it, to flicking it lightly, to flicking it quickly. When he felt she was getting too close to a release he would slow things down with long firm strokes against her clit that had her arching up against him, her legs opening wider needing more.

She felt him insert one finger. Not fully, just enough to hook up and tap against her g-spot. He fingered her slowly and gently at first as he continued with the long, slow strokes of his tongue on her now swollen clit. He started to quicken the pace of his tongue in rhythm with his finger tapping her g-spot. He finally allowed her to orgasm and she came apart in his arms. The thunder masked the sound of her scream of release. For one moment everything was tight, every muscle in her body contracted, and the next she was a boneless satiated woman beneath him.

She was panting with a small smile on her lips. That was probably the best orgasm she’d had in three years. Three years of him cheating on her and her needs not getting fulfilled. She was so in her head she barely noticed he had kissed his way back up her body. He nipped at her collarbone, the other side this time, and he had her full attention again. She tugged on his hair and brought his lips to hers once again.

It was a heady sensation, tasting herself on his tongue. She never thought she would like it, but she did. She arched up against him signaling she wanted more and this time when her fingers trailed down to his buckle, he lifted his hips for her.  Her fingers were steady as she unbuckled the Texas sized belt buckle and unzipped his pants. Her hand slipped into his pants, cupped his hard erection in her palm, and gave it a gentle squeeze. He groaned into her mouth as her fingers wrapped around him and pumped up and down a few times as she felt the wetness from his precum on her fingers. She knew she was the reason for it and felt a satisfaction within herself.  Between the both of them, they shucked the rest of his clothes and finally they were flesh to flesh.

She pushed at his shoulders reversing their position. He flashed her a smile and complied, laying back against the mattress, his hands going to her hips. She leaned forward, her lips brushing against his, as her hands explored his body. She felt empowered as his muscles twitched under her fingertips. She leaned forward and flicked her tongue over his nipples and was rewarded with his hands tightening on her hips. She grinned against his chest and repeated the flick on the other nipple all the while sliding her still wet clit across his rock hard penis but not letting him enter her. His breathing changed and he decided he had been patient enough with her explorations and teasing.

One swift move he was above her again,  his mouth on hers, kissing her, desperate and hard. His hands slid up and down her sides gently caressing, igniting the fires of passion again. She arched up against him, inviting him into her body, but he waited. He waited until she was moaning and squirming against him. He pulled his lips back and looked down into her caramel eyes. He paused waiting until she was concentrated on him. Looking up at him before positioning his body.

And then he entered her. One slow inch at a time. His eyes locked with hers, watching her eyes open wide at the stinging pleasure of adjusting to his size. Her hands went to his shoulders and her nails digging in as he withdrew. Another thrust a bit deeper, and another withdrawal. He repeated the process a few more times until he was fully seated within her. This was what she had been craving most of all, what she had needed for so long, and he was the perfect man to give it to her.

She gasped, her nails dug in deeper, and he began to move. Long deep strokes that caused a huff of breath to expel from her every time. Her legs moved restlessly before settling around his waist changing the angle of the stroke to hit just the right spot.

A low growl emanated from him as the strokes became faster. His hands rounding around her hips pulling her up to meet each of his thrusts. The slapping of their bodies and the tune of pleasure being drowned out by the still raging storm. The lightning lit up the room to reveal bodies striving together for the ultimate release.

It didn’t take long for her body to begin to quiver. She hid her face in his chest as his hand slipped over and began to caress her clit. Her head shook back and forth as she felt the climax come. She hovered over the edge of oblivion for one stroke… two… and then she fell headlong into ecstasy. She screamed, her hands raking down his back.

The combination of her spasming around him and the sensory overload of her nails drawing blood, he wasn’t far behind her. His head thrown back, his neck muscles tight, as he roared out his climax.

For a moment neither of them moved. Both overcome by the pleasure coursing through their bodies. And then he collapsed beside her. Neither said a word. And she realized that she never even learned his name. And she was pretty sure she liked it that way.

She turned looking at him for a moment. Watching the rapid up and down of his  chest as he tried to catch his breath. She leaned over and kissed the center of his chest before rolling the other way and began to pick up her clothes and redress. He leaned on his side watching her but not saying a thing. It was perfect.

She finger combed her hair and gave him a grin.

“A very worthy tribute.” She said softly before heading for the door. The last thing she heard from him was his big rumbling laughter as she closed the door behind her with a smile of pride on her face and a sense of confidence in her walk.


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