Good Girl

“Undress. Lay on the bed. Put the blindfold on.”

The instructions were simple and written in a bold hand. She ran a finger over them as she looked around. The room was very masculine. It was decorated in natural wood and shades of black and grey. In the middle of the room was a king sized bed. The bed had been turned down and waiting for her. The only other piece of furniture in the room was a mahogany desk that had the note and the mask on it.

She undressed quickly down to the matching purple lace bra and boy shorts. She sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the mask.The mask was softer than she would have thought.  Slipping it on her eyes, she laid back on the bed and waited.

She was almost to the point of getting up and leaving when she heard the door open accompanied by the sound of his foot steps across the carpet. Her ears strained to hear what was going on, she so badly wanted to peek, but she refrained. He walked back and forth a few times and then placed something heavy on the desk. She was kind of surprised at the amount of information she was able to obtain without actually being able to see what is going on.

“I said to undress. And while the purple is lovely against your skin, that was not what you were told to do.” His voice was rumbly. The kind of voice you just wanted to listen to for hours. A southern drawl with something… a little more. She couldn’t put her finger on it.  And then, it didn’t matter. He ran his hands up her legs, kissing her thighs with a feather light touch,and gently pulled down her lace underwear.

“Roll over.” He said softly, the breath of his words fluttering over the skin of her stomach. She immediately rolled over thinking he wanted to unhook her bra. The stinging slap of his hand  on her bare ass caught her by surprise. But what surprised her more was the thrill of arousal that shot through her.

She felt his fingers on her bra. He ran his finger along the strap line before unhooking it. He lips pressed to the spot that he revealed, pressing lightly for a moment before another stinging slap on the other cheek. Her body clenched in reaction, shivering at the combination of pleasure and pain.

“The first was for the underwear. The second for the bra.” He said softly. She felt him get up off the bed and heard him walk across the room. Her mind was wandering a thousand different directions wondering what his plans were for her, but that was part of the pleasure of it all. When he returned, he caressed her face and slipped a pair of noise canceling headphones on her ears. They were playing white noise at a low volume. Suddenly she could hear nothing. She could see nothing. But she could feel everything.

He turned her back over and finished taking off her bra. His fingers lingered longer in some areas more than others. Stroking her flesh as the straps slid down her arms. Every touch seemed so much more intense with her other senses muted. Her breath caught and she reached her hands for him. He took her hands in his, kissing the inside of each of her palms before placing a fur lined cuff on each wrist. He stretched her arms above her head and hooked the cuffs to the headboard. She was splayed out for his pleasure.

Then he began kissing her. He started at her lips, kissing them gently,and slowly he deepened the kiss. Each stroke of his tongue sliding along hers, wrapping her up in a strong burning passion.

His lips moved from her lips down to her neck. She gasped as he nipped at the sensitive spot at her collarbone, and her hands gripped onto the chain connected to her cuffs a little tighter, all the while his hands began to run along her body. She could feel every raised callus as he palmed her breast. Digits sliding across her nipples and plucking at the silver rings that pierced her chocolate nubs.

Her breathing caught as his lips followed the path of fire his hands had made. She arched her back as his lips ran down her neck. He paused closing his teeth around her throat. Her toes curled as another thrill of excitement ran through her. A small reminder that she was at his mercy. The soft kiss to the same area reminded her that he appreciated it.

His lips continued down, fluttering kisses across her chest to her breast. She was writhing beneath his ministrations. Trying to move his lips to her breast. He bit down on the flesh above her areola. She gasped, a moan escaping her, pleasure spiking through her at the small, wordless punishment and she tried to stop moving.

Eventually his lips made their way to her nipple. The first touch was light. If all of her other senses had not been muted she wasn’t even sure she would have felt it. The second touch was more substantial, his tongue actually darting out swiping across the anticipating nipple. She felt the bed dip and his position change as he sucked her into the humid heat of his mouth. Her back arched up off the bed her hands in tight fists above her head.

She whimpered softly as his tongue laved across her nipple one… two… three times before his teeth scraped across it. She tugged at the chain wanting loose, wanting more. She felt him chuckle, the vibration going right to her clit. She was surprised at how intense it a little chuckle felt being that she couldn’t hear it and could only feel it against her skin and down through her body. This made her want him more. He took the opportunity of her annoyance to surround her nipple with his teeth as he teasingly yet vigorously flicked her nipple ring up and down with the tip of his tongue. Each flick elicited another moan from her, with each moan his teeth pressed deeper into her flesh. The exquisite torture breaking out a light sheen of sweat over her body, the wetness between her legs increasing.

The pain pleasure was gone for a moment. She didn’t know whether to be disappointed or not, but she didn’t have time to think about it. His palm was on the breast he had abandoned, and his lips had moved to the un-tortured breast. It started all over again. The teasing little kisses, the flick of the nipple ring… and then the teeth. She screamed his name, tugging on the chains again, and a small orgasm rolled through her. She panted, her body relaxing against the bed, feeling his self satisfied smile against her chest.

His hands smoothed down her body, petting her as she came down off the first orgasm of the night. The chain binding her to the bed loosened and he helped her sit up. He turned her body so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. She suddenly felt very vulnerable, sitting there knowing that he was looking at her naked body. He didn’t touch her for a moment, long enough that she began to fidget in anticipation.

Suddenly he tugged on the joined cuffs until she slid down to the floor onto her knees. She knew this game. She tilted her chin up and opened her lips for him. His hand reached out and caressed her hair. She felt the press of him on her bottom lip. Her tongue flickered out swiping across the head, teasing him like he teased her. He tightened his grip in her hair, a silent warning he was not to be toyed with. With a small smile she took him into her mouth.

Her tongue wrapped along the underside of his cock as he slid deeper into her mouth. Once she reached the point she could not take him anymore, she wrapped her hand around the base, giving her a little bit of control of the depth to which he could go. She bobbed her head up and down him a few times, experimenting on what caused a reaction. What would make him swell on her tongue, and would cause his hand to tighten in her hair in reaction.

It was then and only then that she actually went to work, hollowing out her cheeks and swallowing him down and deep as she could take him. She tightened her hand around the silk covered steel in her hand. With each suck, she pumped her hand up and down. Her tongue never stopped moving, licking along the slit tasting the precum, proof of his excitement. She let her teeth ever so lightly drag against him, adding another sensation.

His hand fisted in her hair. Never directing her, letting her set her own pace, but encouraging her in every suck and drag of her tongue. She felt him begin to swell against her tongue and a secret thrill rushed straight to her clit. There was nothing like bringing a man to completion with your tongue. She lifted a hand to push the earphones off. She wanted to hear him cum. Hear his groan of completion. She knew it was probably a bad idea, but decided to do it anyway.

As soon as her hand left him, he took a step back, slipping out of her mouth, and the hand in her hair tightened, just this side of painful, as he straightened the headphones back on her ears.

She wasn’t sure what happened after that. Everything moved so fast. One moment she was on her knees, the next she was pulled to her feet and pushed forward onto the bed. Her nipples were still sensitive that and she gasped at just the sheet running across them.

One of his hands cupped her hip, pulling her back slightly as his other hand snaked down between her legs. He cupped her mound, one finger sliding along her clit. She shivered against the slight touch. Her whole body vibrated with need and she pushed her hips back against him.

While the stinging slap was a surprise, the thrill that ran through her was not this time. She gasped and panted softly, her back arching slightly, almost asking for another slap.

Of course he wasn’t so obliging. Instead he stroked her clit until she was writhing under his ministrations. It was then that he slipped one finger in her. She clawed at the sheet, trying to escape the onslaught of pleasure. But he had her firmly by the hip and wasnt letting go.

He inserted another finger, fucking her with the two fingers. He held her just on the edge of cumming before withdrawing his fingers from her completely. She growled in frustration trying to move so that she could finish herself off.

His hands gripping onto her hips was the only warning she got. One moment she was trying to move off the bed, the next he had her by her hips, pulling her back and slamming into her all at once.

She could hear the scream that left her over the white noise of the headphones. He didn’t stay still, giving her a chance to acclimate to his invasion. No, instead he was moving in a frenzy. Almost as if he had been pushed to his own limits. His hands stayed on her hips for a few moments, but it wasn’t long before she felt his hand in her hair again.

He tugged her up by her hair, and never stopped moving inside her. He had her partially up so that she was using her hands to hold herself up, and leaned forward so he surrounded her body. He was everywhere around her and inside her and it made the pleasure..the pleasure that he was giving her, so much more impassioned. She shuddered, her arms almost giving out. The moment she tried however, his hand tightened in her hair.

He tilted her head to the side exposing her neck to him. She didn’t have time to think what was next. He exposed her neck and the same time he thrust deep into her, pulling her back against her with the hand that was gripping onto her hip, he bit that vulnerable sensitive piece of flesh. It was just too much. Another scream left her as she came hard against him. Her body thrusting back mindlessly as she continued to quake around his cock.

His hips surged harder and faster. She doubted she would be able to walk in the morning. He let go of her hair so that both hands were on her hips. He surged into her again and again until she felt him go stock, still deep inside her. She felt, rather than heard, the groan that left his body as he came. She couldn’t breathe. Her whole body throbbed and she had never felt better in her life.

He withdrew from her body and left her spread out on the bed. She didn’t have the energy to move, and honestly she didn’t have permission to move, so she stayed where he had left her.

A few moments later, the earphones were removed. It took her a moment to realize she could hear. He was saying her name. Asking if she were alright. She nodded not moving much more than that. She heard him chuckle. Just that easy she felt a thrill of excitement run through her.

Next came off the cuffs. They had been surprisingly comfortable. She rubbed her wrists as he took off her mask. When she opened her eyes, it was to see his eyes. Honey amber. He leaned forward kissing her softly.

“Good Girl.”


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