Hood (featuring Raina)

She stepped into the shop with a click of her heels on the tile floor. She touched a couple of things. Ran her hand down a fur coat but was merely browsing. Really she was looking for him. He was in the mens department fitting a man for a suit. That was one thing he knew better than anyone she ever met before. He knew the exact type of suit that would work with every man. A man’s man. He didn’t even wear a suit to work himself. He once said the point of a suit is to help a man look his best and the last thing a man needed was a comparison. A simple pair of nice pants and a button down dress shirt, and as always the tell tale suspenders, was his work attire. He sold more suits than the rest of the store combined.

He didn’t even acknowledge her, but she knew he had seen her. He didn’t hurry or rush his customer. They spoke for another fifteen minutes before the man headed back to the dressing room and a smile slipped across her lips as she watched him head to the register. He spoke to the woman there for a moment and then he stepped to the back room. She touched a few more things before heading out the front doors.

Her steps hurried around to the back of the store where her car sat. She touched the hood and almost hummed with pleasure. Just warm enough. She sat on the hood bundled up in the fur coat she had bought from that very shop and waited.

He walked out the door and her heart sped up. He had thrown on a trench coat that was still unbuttoned despite the ever increasing threat of snow. He walked over slowly to her. Her eyes devoured him. Tall, broad shouldered and a trim waist. He stepped up to the edge of the car. His hands slid up her legs to her thighs. He still hasn’t said a word as he pressed her legs open and stepped between them.

Even with her sitting on the car, he towered over her. His lips pressed against the side of her throat. His hands cupped around her hips and slid her down to the edge of the car, her softness cradling his hardness.

“I told you I was working.” He said against her ear. She shivered at the grumbly tone. Her hands traveled inside his jacket up his chest. Her fingers running along his suspenders up to his shoulders. He waited a response to his admonishment. She leaned forward brushing her lips over his softly.

He pulled back raising a brow at her. She tilted her head to the side and gave him a small little smile wordlessly. He shook his head and finally gave her that grin; that lopsided grin; that made things clench low in her body. He leaned forward kissing her softly. He let the kiss linger on her lips. No deeper. His lip caressing hers, more intimate simply because it was simply lips touching. He waited until she relaxed into the kiss, her body arching against his. He waited until she was just on the verge of changing her mind before he moved.

In the blink of an eye he moved. He moved from between her thighs and used the hands on her hips to flip her over on the hood of the car. Her hands splayed out in front of her. The wind was knocked out of her for a moment and by time she was able to get air back into her lungs she felt his hands on her thighs again. He was working his way up her body, pushing the skirt up with each slow movement of his hands until her skirt was thrown up bunching at her waist. She heard a grunt as her bare ass was exposed to his view. His hand caressed her, a smooth slide of palm against skin and then an ever so slight touch of the garters that framed her ass to perfection. She turned looking back at him seeing the look of satisfaction on his face. His eyes locked with hers for a moment as his hand came down hard against the cheek he had just been caressing. She gasped at the  pleasure of the pain. Another slap to the other cheek and she couldn’t watch anymore. Her eyes closed as she groaned as her forehead fell to the the hood of the warmed car. His hand soothed away the pain with another caress.

“Good Girl.” Just those two words made her toes curl in her boots. All because she hadn’t worn underwear. She couldn’t help but smile…until she gasped as his hand cupped her sex. His finger slid along the inside of her lips, a light skimming of her sensitive flesh. She shivered and pushed back against him. He smacked her ass in retaliation. She groaned and banged her head on the hood of the car. He only had so much time, if he spent the entire time teasing her she very well might kill him.

“Patience is a virtue.” He whispered, sliding the digit up and down again, this time taking the time to pay special attention to her clit.  She bit on her bottom lip, her breath catching as his thumb ran up and down her clit

“Not one I posses.” She said breathlessly restraining herself from pushing back against him again. She heard him chuckle, his free hand sliding up her body and cupping her breast. He pinched her nipple just hard enough for her to gasp but not too hard to cause actual pain. She knew then she was right where he wanted her.

She heard the oh so familiar and wonderful sound of his belt being undone and the zipper going down. It was amazing how she got  even wetter than she already was with just that innocuous sound. The anticipation was mounting and it was almost as pleasurable as the feeling of him sliding in and out of her body. And she wanted… needed that with every fiber of her being. She knew better than to ask, or to move too soon. That hadn’t worked out so well for her last time. He had left her panting and wanting as punishment. He had got her just to the edge of oblivion and had left her to go back to work.

His hands slid back to her hips as he pressed his hard member against her bare ass. He reached up and put his hand in her hair, grabbed a handful pulling her head back slightly, causing her back to arch. He leaned forward and growled in her ear. Her body shivered from her head to the tip of her toes. She wanted to squeeze her legs together, give herself a bit of relief, but that wasn’t going to happen. Instead she got wetter in anticipation, her hands curling into fists as her clit throbbed. He knew just what to do to turn her on, just where to touch… to tantalize.

It was as if he read her mind. With one hand still in her hair pulling her head back toward him, he used the other to line himself up with the opening of her now dripping wet pussy. With one fast, hard, motion, he entered her. The entire length of his penis penetrated her causing her to gasp for breath needing to scream, but she knew she couldn’t.They would be discovered. He pulled back almost to the point that just the tip stayed inside her, and then pounded into her again just as deep and hard as the first time, but with a smack to the ass this time. She released a small squeal, despite herself.  She bit down on her lip to keep control of herself, but it wasn’t going to continue to work much longer.

He chuckled at the knowledge that she was starting to lose control and time was getting away from them. The decision to stop playing games and give her what she really came for, was made in an instant.  He pulled out of her, rolling  her back over to face him. Standing between her spread thighs he pulled her to him and entered her all in one smooth  motion. She wrapped her arms around his neck as her legs naturally encircled his body. Their bodies moved together like perfectly harmonized music only they could hear.  Their bodies moved in rhythm. A rhythm that had been perfected over the years together. Hearts and bodies moving in desperation toward the ultimate goal.  They moved faster each thrust deeper than the one before until finally they both came together,  just like always.

They each took a moment to catch their breath and then quickly adjusted their clothing. She smiled at him with that smile he knew so well, the smile of satisfaction. He softly kissed her lips and whispered in her ear,

“See you next time.” He turned and walked back into the building with a grin on his face as she got in her car and drove off.


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