Don’t Feed

Carlyle pulled up her hair and pinned it so that she could take a shower and the hairs on her arms stood up. He had arrived. She turned slowly and looked at him as he closed her door. He hasn’t bothered to wear a shirt or hide the leathery wings that were furled at his side. He turned slowly and gave her a little smile. He knew better than to be up here during working hours. Scarlett was going to be fit to be tied.

She crossed her arms over her breasts and raised a brow at him

“You are not supposed to be up here.” She said as he stepped forward as his eyes ran up and down her naked body. He reached out a finger and ran it down her arm. She tried to ignore the shiver it caused in her body.

“I rarely do what I’m supposed to do, which thrills you to your toes and if you think Scarlett doesn’t know I’m up here, you are more foolish than I thought.” He said as he pulled her arms apart and stepping up to her body.

His hand took a familiar tour of her body. Calloused hands running over the smooth skin of her stomach up to her breasts. Her breath caught but she didn’t stop him as his hand slid up around her neck pulling her forward. Pulling her up so her lips were against his as he spoke.

“Kiss me.” He demanded. And oh how she wanted to. She wanted to feel the firmness of his lips against hers as his tongue slid into her mouth to mingle with hers. She shook her head instead.

“Do not start things we can not finish.” She whispered, her tongue darting out to taste his lips despite her best intentions. He growled and her knees went weak. He knew as well as she did, an incubus and a succubus couldn’t have sex. Well they could but no one was quite sure what would happen with they orgasmed… and tried to feed. Some theories said nothing, others promised dire consequences.

“Fine.” He growled and took her lips in a punishing kiss as his hand roamed down her body again. His talented hands finding all those sensitive spots on her body that made her moan into his mouth and pull him closer. He walked her backwards and pinned her against the wall. His hands slid down her body cupping her ass and pulling her against him. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her nails raked down the center of his back. That sensitive spot right between his wings. It was a dangerous game they played and they had played it for years. Pushing each other to the absolute limit that heartbeat before either of them came before breaking apart.

His hand slithered between their bodies and cupped her sex. She pulled her lips from him.

“We should stop.” She said breathlessly as she nibbled on the column of his neck. Her body arching into his hand. He growled again and aggressively slid a finger into her body causing her to give a scream of pleasure. He slid another finger inside her hooking them up to catch that spot of oblivion. One. Two. Three strokes and she pushed him away with all her might ending up in a crumpled heap on the floor panting looking up at him with glowing golden eyes.

“Damn it Dafydd.” She finally panted out. At least he looked worse for wear as well. Sweat glistened on his skin and his eyes glowed the same golden hue. His hands were in fists and every muscle in his body was tightened waiting for a release.

His eyes captured hers as he began to unbutton and shove aside his pants. He cupped himself in his hand and ran up and down the length of his cock.

“Don’t feed.” He reminded in a gravelly voice. His long dark hair fell forward over his rugged face as he looked down at her. He took a step forward and stroked himself again.

“You remember as well.” She said huskily as she opened her legs giving him full view of her dripping sex. She leaned back against the wall and let her hands wander over her body. Over her breast, tweaking each nipple just so that had them both moaning in pleasure. Her hands slid down her stomach until her finger glided along the engorged button.

Her eyes never left his as she tortured the nub with her fingers, coaxing out the little sounds of pleasure that he so craved. It would be so easy to sip. Sip from the pleasure that they both created. But neither of them dared.

“Do it.” He demanded. Each stroke came faster and faster. She licked her bottom lip and slid a finger inside her and couldn’t hold back the groan of pleasure. She was so close. And him being here made it so much more thrilling. She slid another finger inside herself and mimicked his position from earlier, hooking a finger up to catch her g-spot. She felt the beginning of the orgasm at the top of her head.

“Dafydd” She whispered a moment before every muscle in her body tensed, locking in place for a heartbeat before she let go. A scream escaping her lips as her body spasmed with orgasm. The glow in his eyes was blinding for a moment before she watched his mouth open, no sound coming out as his hips jerked and his seed spilled over his hands and onto the floor. Carlyle panted and slowly closed her legs. The orgasm was great but she felt… unsatisfied Like she always did after the two of them couldn’t help themselves.

“Damn it” She said getting to her feet. SHe grabbed her robe throwing it on and belting it. He didn’t even look repentant. He grabbed one of the towels cleaning himself up. He shrugged a shoulder and leaned forward kissing her on the cheek.

“One of these days we are going to find out what happens when I cum so deep inside you, we aren’t sure where you end and I begin.”


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